Compact Microwave Ovens


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Compact Microwave Ovens

Welcome to Have you noticed how microwave ovens have been getting smaller? Compact microwave ovens are now the most popular size of microwaves sold. Their small size enables them to fit into any convenient space and there are models which can be built into the kitchen either under the worktop or over the wortop.

Compact microwave ovens are usually no more than 18 inches(50cm) wide, 14 inches(35cm) deep and 12 inches(30cm) high. Power output is between 500W - 1000W and a capacity of up to one cubic foot(28 litres).

There are a wide range of manufacturers supplying this type of microwave also simply called a "small microwave oven" or "countertop microwave oven".

A microwave oven is a convenient time saving device for the kitchen but a compact microwave oven will not be a replacement for your conventional oven. The microwave oven's job is to heat food quickly and evenly. Food with water or fat content will heat more quickly than solid food.

Many people will use their microwave to simply heat water for a mug of coffee. Another bonus is that food can be heated in the containers they were bought in and this will save getting pots and pans dirty.

Ease of use is a key feature when looking at a new microwave oven. A progammable timer and hot keys for things like popcorn should be included. A range of power settings from defrost to full power are essential.

If you are looking for something to cook with then combination microwave ovens or  microwave convection ovens maybe just what you need. These ovens combine the microwave ovens ability to heat food quickly with the conventional ovens ability to roast or brown food.