Compact Microwave Ovens


Emerson MW8992RDEmerson MW8108BSCEmerson MW9107WC

There is an Emerson microwave oven to suit every kitchen need with multiple sizes and power outputs and a price for every budget.

Emerson MW8992RD
Stylish red in color, this 0.9 cubic feet capacity Emerson microwave oven has a power output of 900 Watts. This microwave weighs in at 32 pounds, and with dimensions of 20" width, 16 1/2" deep and 11" high. The Emerson MW8992RD has 10 power levels, 8 one touch cook settings and five programmable memory settings for your favorite dishes. It also has a LED display and digital clock. This MW8992RD microwave oven also features a Child Safety Lock-Out.

Emerson MW8108BSC
The Emerson 8108BSC is a 1.0 cubic feet, stainless steel microwave oven that is powered by Emerson’s very own Omni Wave Cooking System. This top-of-the-range innovation provides faster and more uniform cooking. With 1100 watt power, this Emerson microwave oven has a hidden, touch-control keypad behind its door providing a sleek and clean facia. This microwave Weighs in at 33 1/3 pounds and has dimensions of 20 1/2" width, 15" depth and 11 1/2" height. The Emerson 8108BSC has 10 power levels, six one-touch cooking menus and a 99-minute, 99-second cooking timer.

Emerson MW9107WC
A microwave oven with 1.1 cubic feet size, the Emerson MW9107WC is equipped with the Omni Wave Cooking System and Touch Control features. With its 1000 Watts of power, this Emerson microwave oven model has eight one-touch cooking menus, 10 power levels, auto weight defrost, digital clock, kitchen timer, quick cook function and a child safe lock-out feature. This microwave oven weighs 34 pounds and measures 21 1/4" wide, 16" deep and 11 1/2" in height.

Emerson MW8993WC
Its 0.9 cubic feet size is equipped with the Emerson Omni Wave cooking system. This microwave oven also has 10 power levels, six one-touch cooking menus, Quick cook function with 30 second interval cooking, Auto weight defrost, Digital clock and Child Safety Lockout. Weighing 30 pounds this Emerson microwave oven measures 19 1/2" width, 15 1/2" deep and 11 1/2" high.

Emerson MW8770BC
This Emerson microwave oven has a capacity of 0.7 cubic feet and has a 600 watt output. With its Omni Wave Cooking System, having faster and more uniform cooking is always within easy reach. The features include 10 power levels, 6 one touch cooking menus, digital timer, auto weight defrost and child-safe lock-out. It weighs 24 pounds and measures 18 1/3" wide, 12 3/4" deep and 11" high.