Compact Microwave Ovens


 Sharp R-930AK microwave convection ovenPanasonic NN-C994S microwave convection ovenCuisinart CMW-200 convection microwave oven

Microwave Convection Ovens

Microwave convection ovens combine the simplicity of a microwave oven which can quickly heat meals or reheat leftovers together with the ability of a convection oven which can brown or crisp or roast food. Cooking times as a result can be significantly reduced.

For a microwave oven to heat food evenly it will normally have a circular table which rotates to ensure and even distribution of heat and therefore thorough cooking.

A convection oven will have a fan which circulates the heated air within the oven which again allows an even distribution of heat and therefore faster cooking than an ordinary oven. A further advantage of a convection oven is that because the heat is evenly distributed, food on the top shelf will cook at the same speed as the lower shelf, and therefore both can be fully utilized.

An example of a microwave convection oven is the Sharp R-930AK. The microwave oven has an output of 900 watts and the convection oven produces an output of 1450 watts. The R-930AK gives you 1.5 cubic feet of cooking space which is ample for most cooking dishes. Its 15.4 inch Carousel turntable makes full use of that cooking space to allow you to bake or microwave large dishes and casseroles for you or your family.

The dimensions are 19.8 x 14.9 x 24.6 inches  and it weighs in at 64 pounds.

This convection microwave can perform pretty much everything, and can easily brown, bake, broil, crisp, or microwave any food you care to try in it. It can also operate in a combination of both convection and microwave modes. As a result, you get the speed of microwaving with the results of traditional baking and roasting.

The R-930AK has a 7-Digit electronic touch interactive control panel. There is a custom help button to display cooking hints.

There are extensive timer and programming features so that you can pre program the microwave function and combine it with the convection oven capability. If combining these functions you must not use metal containers.

A pre-programmed feature will automatically compute the necessary cooking/reheating times for baking, roasting, or broiling the food you wish to cook and works great with popcorn giving you perfect results with most types of microwave popcorn every time.

There are eleven pre set power levels so that you can gently heat milk or cheese and evenly defrost meat. The R-930AK comes with two removable convection racks and child lockout comes as standard on this model. As for additional accessories, there is a trim kit offered separately at additional cost.

The Sharp R930AK is a good example of a microwave convection oven and includes features to consider when purchasing this type of kitchen appliance.