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Microwave toaster oven

Ever tried to toast a slice of bread in a standard microwave oven? Or bake a cake in a microwave oven? It does not come out like it should at all. The microwave toaster oven was designed for situations such as these to combine the speed and versatility of the standard microwave and the utility of a toaster oven into one practical machine; effectively having two machines in one. This allows you to combine both cooking techniques to prepare quality food in your microwave toaster oven.

These types of microwave can perform a multitude of tasks that conventional microwaves can not; such as grilling, baking, and of course toasting. A clear advantage of having a microwave toaster oven over the others is it will save you money. You will not have to purchase separate units to perform cooking tasks, and it will save you space in your household. Some models will have the usual expected features such as a variety of presets to microwave or toast your food. You may find in addition, that they also include variable power levels for cooking and defrosting and a turbo defrost feature.

Microwave toaster ovens can cost anywhere from 70 to over 1000 dollars. The pricier models are not necessarily better at cooking food, but instead come with several features such as dedicated cavity for toasting and a separate one for microwaving food; which may be useful to a specialized chef and they will also have larger cooking space and higher power outputs. Lower down the price range (200 – 500 dollars) we find the elite of these types of microwaves suitable for common households; taking advantage of either microwave or oven, according to your needs which helps you maximize the energy savings where appropriate.

The Sharp R-55TS is a stainless steel microwave toaster oven. It sits on your counter top and is a 650 watt combination microwave. It will occupy 15 x 11 x 17 inches of space and give you 0.5 cubic feet of cooking space. It does not have a dedicated cavity for toasting and as a result toasting takes a little longer and in some instances food may cook unevenly. However, it has an average retail price of only 135 dollars. The R-55TS microwave toaster oven gives you 6 power levels, sufficient for common cooking tasks. It also comes with a 10.5 inches diameter turntable which is dish washer friendly. To navigate the microwave you use a rotary dial. Also included are 4 programmable keys to preset timings for cooking. The settings will allow you to automatically microwave popcorn; prepare or warm your coffee, thaw out any frozen entrees, or reheat both sandwiches and meals and the auto-defrost feature is a welcomed addition.

Then we have the Kalorik 4-in-1 Smart Oven with 800 Watt Microwave including a steamer, convection oven and toaster all wrapped in the one stainless steel package. The toaster grill has 1300 watt power output and the convection oven 1500 watts.

The stainless steel cavity is 0.9 cu ft and takes a 12.4" glass rotating turntable. There are four presets for popcorn, drinks, reheating and defrosting and five power levels. There are a further seven power levels for convection cooking. Then there is the steam generator to cook food healthily and you can even toast bread with the grill. This microwave toaster combo retails around $550.