Compact Microwave Ovens


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Sanyo Microwave Ovens

Sanyo Microwave Ovens produce a large number of appliancess but these three different models can help make a person’s life easier. These microwave ovens have different features that are a big help in the kitchen.

Sanyo EM-S2588B 0.7 -Cubic-Foot Microwave Oven. This is a compact model with 0.7-cubic-foot interior and 800-watt output that also has ten levels of power. The interior turntable is 9 5/8". The electronic keypad has eight menu direct-access keys and includes a Popcorn key. Multi stage cooking function allows programing of stage cooking at different power levels and for different times. The Sanyo EM-S2588B has a special cooking feature that allows you to save your favorite cooking times. It also has an interior light. The other features are the clock, timer, and a thirty seconds to add more time. This microwave stands at 17" wide, 10-1/8" high and 12 7/8" deep and weighs at 25.5 lbs and is in black.

Sanyo EM-S6588S 1-Cubic-Foot Microwave Oven. This is a 1000-watt microwave that has 1-cubic-foot interior with a 12 3/8 inch turntable. There are ten levels of power settings. It also has settings that help with everyday cooking. The Sanyo EM-S6588S has a 2-color digital display that is an electronic keypad that also has eight direct-access menu keys. The defrost setting can defrost frozen food either by weight or by an amount of time.A safety lock to keep kids out so that they will not hurt themselves, is included. The timer and clock are bright and easy to set and read. This model is black with a stainless steel front. The Sanyo EM-S6588S dimensions are 20 3/16" wide, 12" high and 17 3/8" deep.

Sanyo EM-C6786V 1-Cubic-Foot Microwave Oven with Convection and Grill. This is a three in one 1 cubic foot capacity microwave with 12 5/8" glass turntable. There is a 1000-watt microwave oven, 1400-watt convection oven, and a 1000-watt grill. There are five power levels for the microwave oven, 10%, 30%, 50%, 80% and 100%. This model has nine different direct-access menu keys with push-button ease of use. It is silver with a black front with a stainless steel interior for easy wipe around cleaning. The Sanyo EM-C6786V measures 20 1/2" wide, 13 1/4" high and 18 4/5" deep. It weighs just over 42 lbs.

This is a versatile machine so what can it do. Well the convection oven has ten temperature settings from 285 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You can bake cakes and cookies or cook or broil meat. Use the grill to cook fish or sausages or a comination of microwave and grill to cook steak. There are four combination settings to easily cook a range of different food from frozen starters to a stew to the good old burger. Multi stage cooking is possible and there is a 95 minute timer. The programmer is set on the front but under the closed door so that the Sanyo EM-C6786V is a real looker.

These three Sanyo Microwave Ovens offer something for everyone whether you want something to heat up leftovers or cook a full meal.