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Sharp Microwave Ovens

Sharp microwave ovens, have gained popularity due to their array of features, designs and keenly priced products.

Sharp is one of the most trusted manufacturers of electronic home equipment and appliances. 

A Sharp microwave oven is available in a broad range of models and we have a short list here with a capacity range from 0.8 - 2.0 cubic feet:

Sharp R-216LS
With its compact size of 0.8 cubic feet, the Sharp R-216LS is the ultimate must-have for small spaces and minimalist interiors. Small as it may sound, this microwave oven operates on 800 watts of power and a stand-out four cooking and six reheating programs. It has a 10-3/4” turntable that is capable of holding most dinner plate sizes. This stainless steel beauty has four defrost options and the minute plus program that enables you to set the oven on High with one touch. Weighing 24.7 pounds it measures 18 1/8" wide, 10 7/8" high and 14" deep.

Sharp R-307NK
The Sharp R-307NK is a mid-size 1.0 cubic feet microwave oven with a power output of 1100 watts. The turntable is 12 5/8". It boasts six automatic cook options, six reheating options and four defrost settings based on the weight of the food to be defrosted. It is also excellent for popping most microwaveable popcorn brands. The Sharp R-307NK is available in black or white. It weighs 38 pounds and measures 20.5" wide, 17.37" deep and 12.25" high.

Sharp R-320HK
This mid sized microwave oven has a capacity of 1.2 cubic feet, and 1200 watts output. There are 10 popular food settings for automatic cooking and 4 defrost settings to defrost food by weight. This Sharp microwave oven is fitted with a seven-digit lighted display. This sensor powered oven has instant action keys that set microwaving easily on full power. The Sharp R-320 HK is also available in white or bisque. It weighs 33 pounds and measures 20.5" wide, 17.2" deep and 12.2" deep.

Sharp R-402JW
Designed for a bigger household, the Sharp R-402JW is a 1.25 cubic foot capacity and 1100 watts power microwave oven. It has a 14-1/8 inch diameter turntable. The Sharp R-402JW has six reheat options, 4 defrost options and six shortcut options for favorite foods and a 5-digit, two-color display. There is a popcorn key to automatically cook popcorn. This model weighs 37 pounds and measures 21" wide, 17" deep and 12" high.

Sharp R-530EW
With its full size of 2.0 cubic feet and 1200 watt power, the Sharp 530EW can make any kitchen glisten. Its large 16 inch diameter turntable is capable of holding almost any size of plates and dish. This Sharp microwave oven comes with 16-digit, two-color display and 13 sensor cook, sensor reheat, sensor popcorn program.  The Sharp 530EW is also available in black and stainless steel. It weighs 41 pounds and measures 24" wide, 19 1/8" deep and 13 3/8" high.